DIY Boho Wall Vase

What you'll need:

  • Any Sort of Wood Piece I found my round one at hobby lobby for 40% off! If you download the app, they almost always have a good promo code you can use.
  • Paint I used the colors: Craft Smart: Terra Cotta, Coral Pink, & Rose. + DecoArt: Canyon Orange
  • Clear Gorilla Glue
  • Small Vase Mine was $.99 on sale at Hobby Lobby, but going to a thrift store is another good option!
  • Wooden Beads Mine are from Amazon! I bought a huge pack for a project I'll be working on later!
  • Power Drill (to punch holes for the hanger!)
  • Twine
  • Flowers I just picked some weeds out of my backyard, lol!!
  • Hair Beading Tool (I'll explain why below!)
  • Painter's Tape If you choose to tape off parts
  • Nail Polish Remover This is just so you can touch up your paint a little. ( I used my favorite ALL NATURAL one! (by Karma Organic))
  • Q-tips to touch up with the nail polish remover


I don't necessarily want to bore you all with the "how-to" for this project, since it's generally pretty straight forward! Here are a list of helpful hints that I discovered while in the process:

1. Make sure you drill the holes through the piece, instead of gluing the ends of the twine on the back. I had originally thought I could do this, but realized so much of the  hanger would be hidden behind the wood! It also would make it so the piece is unable to lay flat against the wall. 

2. As I began beading on to the twine, I started to struggle with the tiniest sized beads! while the twine definitely could fit in the holes, the twine definitely began to fray, and it was difficult to get it in there!! I realized I had a hair beading tool in my closet (for doing hair extensions) and tried using that since its pretty much the same thing. It worked so so so well. If you are using little beads, I definitely recommend using one. Oh! for getting the twine through the wood too! They're available on amazon!

3. The paint looked better and better as I did more layers. I found that I personally definitely liked the very bold and opaque paint look.

4. Definitely definitely make sure you glue the vase STRAIGHT. Same with the hanger!!

5. After I glued the vase on, I actually stuck some flowers in because it was a lot easier this way to double check that it was glued on straight (surprise, it wasn't.) It was way easier to readjust it this way, because you can see how the flowers fall!

6. When I was deciding where to drill the holes for the hanger, I used painter's table to tape them in to place, so I'd be able to hold it up and see how it would look!

7. I used nail polish & a Q-tip to fix up places where the paint got messed up!

This was super quick and easy, & it turned out SO CUTE! I seriously cannot wait to hang it in my new house!!

25 days till moving day :)

I hope you guys all liked this little DIY project! I'll be posting more soon :)

Lots of love,


 Ps. pls pls comment any questions you have, or throw out some requests for future projects :))





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