DIY Engraved Family Portrait

Quick Explanations:

  • Out of the blue, I asked Sawyer to please draw me and something I love / something that represents me. I didn't give him much instruction. He drew a picture of me and my dog :) Then, I went ahead and did the same, and drew him with his car! 
  • We both based our drawings off already existing photos. (I'll insert the original photos at the bottom. We both happened to draw each other wearing camo pants, how funny! 
  • Neither of us are incredible at drawing, which to me adds to how cute and special this product is!
  • Some of the bark had broken off the wood slab, so at the beginning of the video, you see me gluing it back together. This, of course, isn't necessary.
  • I tested a few different methods of using the transfer paper, based off different instructions I read online. What I had found is it really made no difference to me whether the image was printed on a operate sheet of paper, or printed directly on the transfer paper itself!

What You'll Need:

  • Wood Slab I got mine from Hobby Lobby for 40% off! (Use the coupons, y'all!)
  • Transfer Paper (for tracing)
  • Pen 
  • Tape (To ensure your paper doesn't move while tracing!)
  • Wood Burner / Engraver


  • Sawtooth Hanger or Other Method (to Hang Up the Finished Product)

Tips & Tricks:

  1. Make sure to layout your photos first, to figure out the best way to space the drawings.
  2. After messing with the engraver a ton, the method I've found to work best is to use moderate pressure, and GO SLOWLY. if you push too hard, it'll create dots. if you go to fast, you'll have to go over it again and again, which can cause it to become uneven looking.
  3. I used one of the smallest tips in the set. This was the best for doing small curves and lines!

This project doesn't require a lot of supplies or steps! 

It may not be the most ARTISTIC looking project ever, but it's so cute! It would be a GREAT gift idea:)

I hope this project gave you some inspiration! I'm absolutely in love with how it turned out :)

The big day is getting closer!!! Wahoo! 

Lots of love!

Ps. pls pls comment any questions you have, or throw out some requests for future projects :))




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