What You'll Need:

  • Frame with Glass I got mine from Goodwill! I think it was about $6.99 or so.
  • Paint I used Craft Smart: Terra Cotta, Coral Pink, & Rose. + DecoArt: Canyon Orange, as well as a random white paint, but I switch up my white paints all the time so genuinely have no clue which was used for this project!
  • Silicone Glue (To Glue the glass to the frame, since you'll be removing the back piece.) I went to the hardware store and asked which glue would be the best, and went with their recommendation!
  • Windex (or other cleaner) 
  • Cricut & Vinyl ( to create a stencil) 
  • Clear Sealer Gloss Spray Paint 

Tips & Tricks:

  1. If you don't have a Cricut, I recommend printing out your words, and taping them to the back of the glass, and then tracing them! I just used my Cricut because it will look a little cleaner, and I found super cheap vinyl, haha!
  2. I personally decided to use a sealer gloss over my painting, because I wanted to protect the paint from chipping in the future, however, the one I used did leave a slightly foggy glaze over the piece. This wasn't a super big deal to me, the view through the glass is just fog now, but honestly I think it helped make the paint stand out more! Especially if you choose to not do the background color, and only paint the words.
  3. Before you begin painting make suuuurrreee you spray some Windex and clean the glass well! After you paint, definitely do the same! (Of course, just being careful to avoid the painted areas!
  4. BE CAREFUL WITH THE GLASS. The downside to this method is that you are using REAL GLASS not plexiglass.
  5. Don't be tooooo generous with the glue, you don't want it oozing out on to the glass!

I hope this project gave you some inspiration! I'm absolutely in love with how it turned out :)

18 days till the wedding!! 

Lots of love!

Shelly Adkins Future Lebkuecher heehee

 Ps. pls pls comment any questions you have, or throw out some requests for future projects :))

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