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So, quick backstory for y'all. I'm a hairstylist, (well actually I'm an apprentice hairstylist, meaning that I'm in school but am getting my education through working in a salon). Because of the whole virus thing happening, I'm currently unemployed, lol. While I do have my store, It is still a startup company, and I don't pull anything out for myself from the money I make, I really just do it for fun! And so, with all this time home, my parents are having me paint our fence.

I have NEVER been one to listen to podcasts. omg, you guys, I have always lowkey disliked them and thought they were boring (sorry!!!!) BUT!! In the past few weeks I've realized that I've totally just been listening to the wrong ones!!! YOU GUYS!!! Podcasts can be soooo good!

While painting the fence ( and we are talking literal hundreds of hours here, fam) I began listening to a few, and I just LOVE THEM. 

Okay I have always loved business (well duh, I own one, I have a degree in it, I plan on owning my own on a larger scale one day), but I have also always been slightly intimidated by the business world. To be completely honest, while part of me feels as though I do know a lot about business, another part of be feels like an imposter! Throughout my last, idk 3 years, being in college and graduating, listening to big business men and women has always just overwhelmed me! So many times it made me question whether I even know anything at all, whether I'm doing things correctly, whether I'll ever be able to actually be a successful business gal in the big business world! Man, it's scary stuff. Lots of times they use big words I don't know the meanings of, and numbers I ALSO don't know the meanings of. People will start to ask me questions about my store sometimes, and I get super awkward and change the topic because there have been a handful of times in the past where people have asked me things, and I feel like an absolute moron. Not only do I not know the answers to their questions, but I don't even know what the crap they're asking!! 

Now, like I said, I actually DO know a good amount about business. I DID happen to earn a degree in it so I had to have passed a few tests, right? and I DO own my own company, and not to hype my self up too much, but I would say it's running (pretty) smoothly. So I mean I doooo know stuff! But I constantly just felt as though I don't

Real talk. I'm a twenty year old who doesn't have a corporate job, and honestly never will ( Nothing against them, just without a doubt, not my cup of tea LOL) The way I manage my business can't be easily compared to huge companies! I'm a small business, and this isn't my full time job. It's a hobby. And while I would ABSOLUTELY love to one day grow it to a place where I could actually consider it to be an income and career, right now, that isn't where I'm supposed to be. You guys, there are days I'm so disappointed and think I've failed at owning a company, and there are days where I'm blown away and get a ton sales and am like wait I don't even know how I did that. 

Okay so now you're probably like why did you start off telling us you're painting a fence and listening to podcasts? What does this have to do with that???????

WELL FOLKS, here are my discoveries: I have found a couple podcasts I truly looovveee. All entrepreneur based, many with Christian roots, teaching how to do businessy things like ads, and taxes, and social media, and legal stuff!! YOU GUUYYSS, podcasts are INCREDIBLE !!! They bring guesets who teach and talk about their upbringings, successes, failures, all the things. And while for all these people, it is their full time job, it hadn't always been that way. And while all the real business tips and tricks are extremely useful, listening to these wildly successful individuals talk has also really shown me:

(let me summarize my so far 50ish hours of fence painting podcast listening lessns here):

  1. No one knows what the heck they're doing (atleast for a very long time). 
  2. Everyone is terrified but motiviated
  3. They're doing what they love
  4. They work their butt off
  5. But also they make time to rest
  6. They're constantly learning, (education is so important!!!)
  7. There's nothing wrong with outsourcing the tasks you struggle with.
  8. Everyone has failed multiple times, but they keep trying!
  9. Success isn't overnight
  10. Every new business owner can be VERY intimidated by taxes, legal stuff, seo, etc. and feel like they know nothing. 

And there it is!!! I feel like that very accurately wrapped up the most important lessons I've learned in these episodes. (Also happy it equalled exactly 10 lol I didn't try to do that). BUT, you read these things, and you feel like yeah of course I know all of that, but IT'S THE STORIES these individuals have shared that reeaalllyyy make you understand and believe them. 

My little store is my baby. It does not make millions, heck it doesn't even make enough to pay my bills. It has 1,830 followers on Instagram, not 1,830,000. I don't know how to use facebook and quite honestly don't care to learn, so my mom is the only one who shares my content on there (I'm not kidding). Pieces I think will do great sometimes do awful, and posts I make sometimes get hardly any likes. And somedays I'm like what the heck did I get myself into? What did I spend so much of my life savings on?? But honestly, I just love it. I pour my heart into it. And I get dm's saying people love their outfits and the handwritten note I put inside, and people share photos of them wearing them and tag me, and people comment on my photos and make me feel like maybee I sorta kinda do know a little?? And make my store feel loved and appreciated and supported. And when I get an order I get so happy and excited, and idk it's just so awesome. 

My little company is not the world's greatest success, but I do know that I love doing it, and I'm going to keep doing it, and learning, and growing, and putting my energy towards it. 

I'm so thankful for everyone who's following along on this journey with me.

Thanks for all your love.


ps posted a few new arrivals, check them ooouuuttt !!

ps ps the picture shown is a flower field my mom and I found on our walk the other day! how pretty !!!! 

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