Excitement Is Building


Okay fam, so now, a little over half of the clothing has been delivered (no home stuff yet, and I am impatiently waiting). You guys, I am so so deeply and madly in love with all of it. It is just so so beautiful, I don't know what else to say to describe it. All so girly and chic and dainty looking. The pieces are just so pretty and well made. They all feel like crazy nice quality I think :)

I'm going to be honest lol, when I opened up the last bundle of clothes, I started crying.. purely out of happiness. Looking at all the pieces, I just felt so insanely excited. I really felt like this is what I am meant to do. I love it so much, lol I'm just like a giddy little kid.

Sorry for being sappy, I am just SO happy !!!! I am so confident with all the clothing items I have picked. I really hope you all love them as well. Also, I really really think I am pricing them fairly! I'm definitely trying the best I can. One more thing, I really wish you could all see them in person! Online they are obviously still cute, but wow, in person they all just have the prettiest little details! Or feel so soft! Eeeek so excited. 

Okay this may be the shortest blog post ever, but that's really all I wanted to say lol. I hope that wasn't a waste of your time. 

much love,


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