I officially launched Halcyon + Well one year ago on April 20, 2019. How has it already been a year!? and how on Earth is it possible that my last blog was written over a year ago? Okay I'm very embarrassed, lol, how pathetic! Well, folks, we are gonna try this blog thing one more time :-)

So much has changed for me in the past year! I cannot believe it, in all honesty. 2019 was realistically the biggest year of my life, and while 2020 hasn't been loaded with too many milestones, it has definitely still been crazy (for everyone I think, haha!)

Let's see...

Here's a little timeline of some highlights and bits of info letting you know what I've been up to in the past twelve months :)) 

April 2019:

Launched Halcyon + Well!!!! So wild, how has It already been a year??? 

May 2019:

I graduated from college!!! I got my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Sonoma State. Yeehaw, glad to be done with that.
ALSO I got a dog. His name is Diesel. He's my best bud. I'll insert some photos at the end.
I also moved home, back to SLO county, CA
And I went on a trip to Las Vegas and Utah! 

June 2019:

I turned 20! 
I started a Business Management Internship, not too exciting, haha.

July 2019

Traveled to Vancouver, Canada! 

August 2019:

Started my dream job at Indie Salon as an jr. stylist through an apprenticeship program !! ps book an appointment with me!! Here's the link ;) Let Me Do Your Hair! (Click Here) Let me make your hair dreams come truuueeee 

Random Months In Between:

Life was happening but life was good :)

December 2019:

Hosted my first ever Halcyon + Well Pop-Up Shop! And the turn out was AMAZING. Still in disbelief, and am so so thankful for everyone who both helped and attended!!!!!! 

My boyfriend left for Airforce Basic Training :'( okay not a sad face, it's a good thing and I'm sooo proud of him!!!! But it was sad

January 2020:

Went on a Trip to London, England!

February 2020:

Traveled to Paris, France!
Visited San Antonio, TX to see my boyfriend graduate BMT! The happiest time ever :)

March 2020:

Launched Halcyon + Clay yay yay !!!

Okay well this leads us to Corona Virus time (thank goodness I traveled when I did!!!) So now I'm home self distancing and out of work, lol. But for reals, what a good 12 months.

So anyways, that's where I've been :)

I feel like 2021 will be an insane year for me (in the best way possible), so I'm really trying my best to make 2020 a year of growth, and pushing myself to get to where I want to be! 

This past year flew by so quick for me. It's so wild to me how much can happen in a year, but how quick time passes!! In all realness, these past twelve months have been the best in my life. I feel so grateful to have lived this! 

I loved this year.

Thanks for following along and supporting my little business, it really means more to me than you know :)

lots and lots of love,


Ps. More blogs coming 




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