My Own Dorm Room Tour !!

Hi friends!

I've been thinking, I really want to use this blog to display who I am on a more personal level. I want to display to you my personal style, and show you the pieces that have inspired my buying of the products I carry in Halcyon & Well! I figured that an appropriate To-Do would be a tour of my own room. As you will be able to see, the pieces I have picked out for the store would all definitely fit well with my current decorating.

Another thing to note is that I live in a dorm room, so the room itself is pretty small, so the pieces I have must be able to A) Be hung by a command strip or hook. And B) Be efficient and not take away a great deal of space. Also, none of the featured furniture is mine!

Soooo.. let's do this.

Coming up to my bedroom door, I have this super rad tree stump peace sign hanging, that I got from a little shop in Downtown Sonoma not too long ago. Each one is hand made, so no two are identical, which I think is so so neat.

To your right when you walk in, I have this simple wall hanging. At the time I purchased it, I feel like they didn't have as many cool, unique ones that they have now. However, I still love it and think it fits my room perfectly. 

Sidenote: When I take product photos for the website, I actually take this down and hangup my backdrop on this wall! The more you know ;)

Past that, I have my desk. I'm super lucky because in the fall and spring time, I have the prettiest view of a walkway outside my window. Most people can just see another building, so I am suuppeerr thankful for my little view :)

Tbh, I never ever use this desk for homework. I actually can't get anything done in my room. Whenever I have an assignment, I usually walk to the library, because I can better force myself to focus there lol.

Anywho, on my desk I keep my makeup in a wooden crate, my brushes In some mugs, and other makeup products in a little marble container! I also have my mirror, lamp, picture frame Sawyer got me (its a picture of me laughing at him hanging from a tree and says, "Hang in there" ugh what a sweet little reminder fro when I'm homesick), and this little tree lamp on the desk as well! On my window sill, I have little (fake, lol) flowers in some glass bottles in a wood crate!

Above that in the corner, I have a wood stump hanging shelf with a little plant on it! My dad and I actually built the beam that goes across the corner to hang it on! I just hung it up there with some command strips!

To the left, I have a tapestry with Psalm 139:14 on it, hanging from a branch! I love this piece, it's probably my favorite part of my room! I have my laundry basket right underneath (which I also love).

Moving left some more, I have my bed and a wooden photo board. In the corner, I have another beam my dad and I built, along with some rad hanging light bulbs :) Oh! I also have copper string lights going around my room!

Next to my bed, I have my night stand. The lamp belongs to the school and Isn't mine. I have a little wooden stump table with a copper jewelry holder sitting on top.

Beside that, I have a crate that I flipped upside down to put my mirror on, with a hanging plant next to it! On top of the crate, I also have a little empty lantern that I stick my hair scrunchies in! Then have little containers of all sorts to put other hair accessories in, plus my salt lamp!

Next to that is my closet lol, I chose to keep this wall bare to keep my room from looking overly crowded, so Skip because that's not exciting.

okay so NEXT I have my little knick knack wall. I could go into detail about what I have hanging, but it's honestly all so random, haha! I feel like that's what makes it fun, so you can just see for yourself :) Okay, this may actually be my favorite part of my room. 

Below this, I just keep my a laundry basket full of the clean clothes I am too lazy to hang back up, after taking down. I'll be real with you guys and tell you that my room isn't always perfect !!

Turning left, we are almost back to my door, ( to the right is my bathroom door, and to the left is the bedroom door. ALSO THEY AREN'T EVEN AND IT DRIVES ME INSAANNEE) In between and above the two,I have a magnet board, then further down, I have a cute, small mounted paper roller!

And below that, I have a wood stump mini table (Is that what I should call it???? idk) with flowers and a sign sitting on top (also, yes I am fully aware of the irony of the sign, considering the flowers are fake). And at the base of that, I have another little basket organizer where I keep all my important papers, receipts, etc. 

And so, that's about it :) I really hope you all enjoyed this !! & now that you're hopefully all inspired and motivated, go take a look at all that home decor we have posted on the site ;) ps use the secret code: DORMROOM for 10% off your next room decor order over $30 !!!! heehee thank you for reading all of this.

SIDENOTE: once I get the Help You Up Blanket Ladder in stock (which it will be by the time you're reading this :P) I will have that in here too! I ordered one for myself because I love it SO much :) Sooo, if you want to be twinsies with me, go get you one ;) !!!

lots of love,


ps, I didn't proof read once again, please don't make fun of me.

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