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Okay these past few days I have done so many shoots for the store! I decided when I began to piece the store together that I really didn't want to take a lot of my own photos. I just don't totally love getting my photo taken, and am very much soo a perfectionist, so I hold m myself to an unreasonable standard and become much too hard on myself, honestly. So, I went ahead and reached out to many of the girls I thought may like to, and they ALL said yes!! And with that, a few days ago, I began to put some outfits together and begin to shoot! (I will put just a FEW of my favorites on here for you guys to see).

PS I took all of these photos, and I am no photographer lol. Normally that's Sawyer's duty, but since he is 300 miles away,  I had to make do :P Also, I really think they got better as time passed!

On Wednesday, I worked with my friends, Lauren, Christy, Kyrstan, & Nikki. It totally began raining this day, but these girls were so awesome and persevered throughout the bad weather! The photos turned out SO cute. We also filmed a hecka rad video that is posted on our home page :) 


Thursday, I met with Karissa, who is just STUNNING! We did some product photos for the website itself in front of my backdrop (which btw is legit just hanging on a wall in my dorm lol just a little ghetto really). And okay guys, they turned out GORGEOUS. (Browse the clothing Shop All page to see more heehee)


THEN Thursday Night, I did photos with Augusta and her friend, Giulia! I definitely went for the super dreamy, wearing fancy dresses in a field, dancing on tables kinda look, and OMG they are so so so stinking cute!! Im truly in love.


Friday, I met with two more girls. First, I met with Pri. I am OBSESSED with how her photos turned out. There isn't much more to say than that lol. Like they are just everything I wanted them to be and more. Also, we did four different looks in literally one hour. CRAZY.


Then, I met with Auriel, and omg they turned out FLAWLESS. We mainly stayed in front of some solid colored walls to really make the clothes pop. I loveeeddd how they turned out!!! Also, she literally just like knows how to pose???? That's a skill I just don't have LOL.


Lol okay and here are some taken of me. You see why I enjoy not doing this ???



Tonight, I am driving to Sacramento to spend the night at my friend Grace's house !! (PS fam she does hair and is doing mine tomorrow! She is straight up just incredible and so so gifted, so if you live in the Folsum area ;) go to her she's so talented) And on top of her hair styling skills and having the best heart in the entire universe, she's absolutely beautiful so heehee bringing clothes for her to model in for me as weelll :))) Ugh I am just so lucky to have such pretty (inside and out) friends !!!!! 

Anyways, I have wonderful, beautiful friends. At the moment, I can't post the photos yet to instagram since the site launch is still a few weeks away, and its KILLING me. I want everyone to see them SO BAD. I am so eager lol.

And also, If any of you are in the Sonoma or SLO area and are interested in shooting with me, just message me! I'd love to work with you!!! 

Okee Dokee.. Thanks for reading :P I feel like this post was insanely messy and all over the place and just really not well written lol but posting it anywaaayyyss !!

As Always,


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