We're Opening!!!!

Hi Friends!

You may be asking yourself: What on earth is this site, why am I reading this post, and is this legit?

Before I go on forever talking too much and introducing myself, let me save us both some time and let you know that if you're wondering who I am, definitely go over to the "Meet the Owner" Blog on the site. There, I ramble a bunch about all sorts of things, like who I am, what I do, and so on. But, in short, My name is Shelly Adkins, and I am the creator and founder of Halcyon & Well. I'm 19 years old and am overly obsessed with basically everything girly (ie. home decor, fashion, hair, etc.). About a year and a half ago, I got started in the fashion industry with a close friend of mine. Together, we made our dreams come true (sorry, so cheesy sounding) and opened up an online clothing store!  However, as time passed, I felt as though I wasn't exactly where I wanted to be. I had learned a lot in my experience with the company, but realized it was time for me to begin something of my own. And so, here we are. 

Something to know about me is how much I love to shop. Growing up, I have always called it "my hobby" (please don't make fun of me, lol). I can and have spent far too many hours in my favorite stores, scanning the isles to ensure that I am not missing a single piece they carry. I love being up to date on all the trends, and as dorky as it sounds, it really does make me SO happy. However, I have also always been a very hard worker. And believe it our not, I actually consider myself to be much more of a saver than a spender. Which let me tell you, is very conflicting when your "hobby" is not the cheapest LOL. And so, this constant dilemma inspired me to open this store. A trendy line of good quality clothing, that I would buy myself, and also doesn't break the bank! In other words, I want to order the best of the best pieces, that I believe are truly worth spending your hard earned money on. Trust me, I am well aware of the value of a dollar, and understand how difficult it can be to find clothes/home pieces that are both cute and inexpensive. With that said, in this company, I work to find great items, and price them reasonably. You may notice we carry the same or very similar pieces and brands as many other boutiques, yet at a fraction of the cost! It's important to me that my customers feel as though they are treated right and not taken advantage of. 

Another thing to add, is that I am a Christian, and it is so important to me that I bring glory to the Lord in everything I do. HOWEVER, though this is in fact a Christian-Based organization, if you are not religious, the work this company does may still spark a passion in you. We work with Lifewater International, which provides safe water families in 45 different countries. Whether you agree me and my faith or not, I do hope you can support this incredible organization. 10% of our profits are donated to help.

And so, I hope all that I shared will help you get to know & gain trust in my company. I am so excited about all of this, and I really hope you are too!

Best wishes!



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