About the Owner

I wasn't quite sure where to start in writing about who I am. So, I thought that I would begin with a quick background. My name is Shelly Adkins. I am nineteen years old, and am way too obsessed with fashion, home decor, fluffy dogs, and Trader Joes. I am currently working towards my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration at Sonoma State University, and am getting ready to graduate this August! After I graduate, I will be moving back to the SLO area, working at Indie Salon in Arroyo Grande, CA as an apprentice to earn my Cosmetology License! I will also be getting a dog, lol. I am very excited.

In October of 2017, I began an online clothing store with a really good friend of mine. Going into it, I really only viewed it as a hobby, and hadn't yet realized the impact it would make on my life. We started the store the first semester of our Freshman year of college. I didn't particularly enjoy school at this time, as I was far from home and hadn't yet made good friends, so I viewed the opportunity as just something to do and keep me busy. However, I quickly realized how much I enjoyed owning a small business, and developed a huge passion for the fashion industry! I soon realized how badly I wanted to turn it into my career.

Fast forward to a few months ago, I realized I wasn't really made for the college lifestyle. I am much more of a mom, who doesn't at all enjoy the party scene. I was (and still am) doing long distance with my boyfriend, have a great relationship with my family, and overall, realized I wanted to move home. It became very apparent to me that I was spending all this money to be in a place that I genuinely didn't enjoy. Nevertheless, it has always been super important to me that I earn a four year degree, regardless of the career choice I one day decide on. And so, because life is far too short to be anything but happy, I decided to quit my day job, take a gazillion units, and get the heck out of school as soon as possible, lol.

Now, I am still a busy college student, but decided it was time for me to go onto my next journey: Creating my own store. This has been such a large dream of mine, and being so close to earning my degree, I decided it was time to make it be true. I hate getting all sappy, but I was SO nervous about this choice. Doing something so big all by yourself is very scary I've learned! The fears of "What if no one shops from me? What if I lose all the money I've worked so hard to earn? What if people make fun of me? What if I fail" have and still play through my mind everyday lol. However, I eventually realized I was either going to do it, or I wasn't. And If I was going to, I just have to start, so I couldn't talk myself out of it anymore haha! 

Which brings me here. I am so anxious, yet so excited about this next season of my life! 

One thing I saw as a priority in owning my own company is to ensure that I palace an emphasis in bringing glory to God, with the work I am doing in the store. While I am sure that many people reading this have different beliefs and opinions than me, I ask that you please respect mine, and I will do the same in return. I decided to partner with the organization, Lifewater International, because they are a Christian-based organization, but are working to solve an issue any one can support, regardless of your religious views. They bring safe, clean water to families in 45 different countries. This concept is so overwhelming to me, as I often forget how spoiled we are in America! 10 of the stores profits will be donated to help this cause.

alriiigghhttt, I guess that's basically all I have to say about myself lol.

have a happy day :)